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Cortese Automotive
European car mechanics in Artarmon Experts in the trade

You deserve to work with people who care about your car as if it were their own. Come in to meet the team over an espresso - and take a tour of the shop!

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About Us

Looking for a reliable mechanic near Artarmon, North Shore or anywhere North Sydney for your prized European car? At Cortese Automotive, we understand that European car repairs are a specialised field that require unique expertise. Whether you're looking for a Mercedes service, BMW service, Alfa Romeo mechanics, Mazda service - or anything else vehicle related that you need, we have you covered.

European cars are masterpieces of engineering, requiring particular attention and skill. Don't trust just any general automotive service provider. Trust us, your specialists in European car service, to prevent unnecessary headaches and costs that can arise from improper work.


Led by Bob & Melo Cortese and supported by our dedicated team, we strive to offer exceptional service tailored to European car brands. With years of experience, we provide the luxury treatment that you and your car deserve. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your vehicle gets the top-notch service that matches its prestigious make.

Contact Cortese Automotive today for all your European car repair needs and experience the difference that specialisation makes. Whether it's Mercedes, BMW, or Alfa Romeo, we're here to offer the best service near you!

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We'll Get It Right The First Time!

Being a family owned business, trading for over 40 years, we’ve established long relationships with major car parts manufacturers and suppliers in Sydney.

Our relationship extends to servicing cars for prestige car dealerships and individual end customers direct. Our reputation is paramount and we guarantee customer satisfaction both from our corporate and private customers.

How We Work

Diagnostics of Cars


Not sure what you're in for? Come into the shop for a diagnosis of the issues you may be noticing. We have the electronic scanning and mechanical tools to diagnose anything from suspension problems to turbo failure, and even deeper tests around the engine - such as compression & leak down tests.

Get a Quote

Get a Quote

Once we have all your details and scope of the problem, we can provide you with a competitive quote with fully warranted quality work. We can quote anything from general maintenance such as oil changes, to performance tuning, fabrication & more!

Repair/Enhance Your car

Repair / Enhance Your Car

When you're happy to proceed with the quoted job - we can get started. Scuderia Cortese has accumulated over 60 years of mechanical experience between the team. You will have the flexibility not worry about your car. It's in good hands!

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

All of our workmanship comes with a quality guarantee. We will try to accommodate your budgetary requests by using alternative manufactured parts, but to ensure your car runs in a 5 star condition, we require you to allow us to purchase quality parts.

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